Hello Everyone,


We are Solomon and Naomi, a lifestyle and wedding photography team. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. We believe life is meant to be a beautiful adventure – one that is meant to be shared with others. One that is spent pursuing passions, developing crafts and investing in the lives of those around you. We’ve turned our dreams into our reality and our passion into our profession, and we are so very fortunate to be able to do what we love every single day. Owning our own business and working at a craft that we both love has always been a dream. To us, photography is more than pictures – it is about building relationships and being a part of milestone moments in the lives of others. Our beliefs has also been to give our clients just not quality images, but an amazing experience. Everyone deserves the best,no matter the circumstances. 


We Can Be at Two Places at One Time! 

There is simply too much happening at any given time. The both of us can take pictures of separate events happening at the same time, such as the bride getting ready, the groom wiping a tear away as he reads a little note from his soon to be bride, etc. We can also photograph the ceremony from different angles, capturing the groom’s expression when he first sees the bride or the pride of the bride’s parents seeing their little girl all grown up. 


We Get It!

Although there are lots of talented wedding photographers out there, we know what it’s like to plan a wedding and finding the right photographer who fits you best can be a bit stressful, because we’ve done it. Consultation is a great way of finding the best fit. Looking back, a lot of the day is a wonderful blur. That’s why getting the photographs just the way you want them is so important. Throughout the day, we will do everything to capture your vision of your wedding day just as you want it. We know how precious our wedding album is to us and want to make sure you will cherish your wedding photos just as much.